Monday, June 30, 2008

Bighead & Batman together at last!

I realize that neither of these characters is eating a burrito. However, I really wanted to post it so that everyone can see what an amazing artist Jeffrey Brown is (if they didn't know already). Talk about an epic pairing!

Whilce Portacio

Jason Horn

Sean Forney

Andy Kuhn

Christopher Jones

Joe Benitez

Chad Taylor

Bradley Pipkin

Phil Hester

Chris Moreno

Jesse Delperdang

Jason Sobol

Gotham Knight Creators

Ok, so it's not Batman eating a burrito, but still...meeting Bruce Timm, Brian Azzarello and the rest of the Gotham Knight team was pretty rad.

Mike Norton

Chris Samnee

"Madman" eating a burrito by Jeffrey Brown

I'm a really big fan of Jeffrey Brown's work, and I was really lucky to meet him at the Top Shelf booth at Wizard World 2006. He was there again in 2007, and I asked if he'd be willing to start out my Batman eating a Burrito sketch book.

He looked at me rather quizzatively for second when I asked, and I was worried that he was not into drawing such a silly request. Then he responded "I'm just trying to remember". I thought that was odd...did he forget how to draw a burrito?

I came back about 20 minutes later and received this beauty....
Madman eating a burrito. Apparently he misheard me (I do tend to have an annunciation problem) and drew Madman instead of Batman. However, it was amazingly awesome, and inspired quite a bit of awe from future contributors.

My new tradition is to have Jeffrey start off all my sketchbooks (see I'm sure he's thrilled.

Jim Calafiore

Dean Trippe